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A "Life Check-up" is a program offered through McLemore Insurance where your existing insurance policies are reviewed along with a completed "Life Check-up Assistant" (LCA) Questionnaire which helps identify areas of changes that may have occurred in you life since your insurance was first purchased or placed in force. The answers obtained through this process will help us to better assist you in meeting your insurance needs and financial needs.

A few of the possible advantages of performing a "Life Check-up" are:

  • Identifying areas of possible risk exposure due to underinsurance
  • Identifying areas of possible over insurance or excess insurance coverage
  • Relocating cash vaules from old policies to new policies to reduce or eliminate ongoing premiums
  • Moving negative or poor performing funds into vehicles with minumum guaranteed rates of return
  • Moving taxable funds into tax deferred or tax free vehicles
  • Obtaining Long Term Care coverage prior to decline in health
  • Identifying the areas of changes in your life and what  you ahve done to address the risk of those changes

The above list represents only a few advantages that have been uncovered in the Life Check-up Assistant Program.

We Help Make Dealing with Life Changes and Insurance Easier

    Starting the process is as easy as picking up the phone and calling our office or clicking on the button and completeing the online form. No sales pressure, no confusing insurance language, no worrying about which company to select. We are an independent insurance agency and have access to dozens of insurance companies. Let us help guide you and make the process easier for you.

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